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Here... and Afterthoughts

Here... and Afterthoughts

Trying to think of the perfect gift for his daughter's college graduation, James began jotting down memories of the two of them through the years. Still trying to find that something 'special', he discovered the answer was in his writing. After buying a journal, he began to put together the memories of a daughter and father into poetry form. He continued to give his daughter a collection of thoughts for the next seven years and then, finding himself in similar situation with finding his father a special birthday gift, he presented him with a 70 page published copy of his thoughts known as "Here... and Afterthoughts".



More... Thoughts

Three years after his first published work was released, James continued to write. "More... Thoughts" was written shortly before his father's passing and has the same sentiments shared between parents and children as in his first work. This book has 199 pages of thoughts and memories everyone can relate to.




More... thoughts