About the Author: James F. Weinsier

James F. WeinsierBorn in New York City in 1945, James Weinsier was raised on Long Island.  He received an Associates Degree in Applied Sciences from Nassau Community College (Long Island, NY) in 1964, and then served in the U. S. Navy. Upon completing his tour of duty, he resumed his education at the University of Miami, graduating with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. With education behind, it was time to work in the family’s refrigerated warehouse and distribution business in New York, New Jersey and Florida.

In 1972, he jumped into the interior design industry. James handled all of the administrative aspects of the business, while his partner did the actual design work. In 1980 the business was phased out, as his partner had to leave south Florida to return home.

James joined his brother in the lake management business for a short period of time, which led to his next venture of designing, manufacturing, and servicing lake fountains. Selling the business in 2006, he and his wife retired in Fernandina Beach, FL, where they reside today.

His attempt at ‘writing’ emerged in 1996, when in anticipation of his daughter’s twenty-first birthday (knowing she would be moving on with her life upon graduating from the University of Florida), he decided to give her something ‘special’. In search of gift ideas, he began jotting down memories of the time they shared. Still pondering…he found the answer was right under his nose, the intangible ‘times of their life’ together. While the flashbacks were still fresh in his mind he ran out and purchased a blank journal and began to write. Finding trouble writing in prose, such as tying thoughts together, and basically hitting a stone wall at every turn, he tried his hand at verse, or poetry.

Before he knew it, the hundred page journal was a full collection of thoughts. The gift meant so much to his daughter that he continued giving her journals for the next seven years. Exposed to some of the selections in the books, family members and friends asked if he would write poems for special occasions. Somewhere during each conversation “you should write a book” would pop up. Dismissing the notion as merely an insert buried within the “Thank you”, coupled with the fact that there was little spare time for such a project, the idea went in one ear and out the other, until 2002 when his father would turn ninety.  A large party was planned, and this time around he didn’t have to think about a ‘special gift’. Rewriting several of his favorite selections-making them somewhat generic, he presented his father with his first published book of poetry, ‘Here…and Afterthoughts’. The book turned out to be an idiosyncratic, tender look at life written by a father to his daughter. Loving parental messages all of us can relate to, these poems reflect the little details of life we take for granted, while reassuring, and giving kind advice. The purpose is to say the things we neglect while ‘Here’…and to leave behind some everlasting ‘Afterthoughts’.

Three years later, and shortly before his father’s passing, James authored a second book of poetry, ‘More…Thoughts’.

In 2006, James experienced the devastating losses of three family members--his father, his son, and his grandson. In response to the pertinent questions from his other young grandchildren about "What happens to us after we die?" James wrote a children's book "Where Do We Go?".

A couple of weeks after the book was published, on September 1st to be precise, 'Wondrous' events started taking place. James' daughter gave birth to a second child, James Walter within minutes of the passing of her first son Isaac Randolph two years earlier. The baby was premature as well and followed his brother's path into the NIC Unit. In this case, however, his issues were of a 'normal' nature. On the tenth day after birth, baby James was strong enough to go home, while on the tenth day after his birth Isaac passed away. Both went 'Home' on the 10th day....