Where Do We Go? by James F. Weinsier

Where Do We Go?This book delicately explores the theme of death, with child-friendly gloves.

The idea was conceived by the author after experiencing a whirlwind of personal tragedy in 2006. The loss of his father, son and grandson was compounded by a barrage of questions from other grandchildren.

Wanting to create a thoughtful, reassuring response, the author wrote "Where Do We Go?" in hopes of assisting others with answering that very question.

"Where Do We Go? brings joy, play and ease to what is often an awkward conversation. Its message is a precious tool that will open the hearts and imagination of its readers to a greater awareness of love, life and beyond!"

Laura Duksta, author of New York Times Best Seller, I love you More

"The author's sensitivity in addressing the complex question, Where Do We Go? combined with delightful illustrations, make this book a tribute to the power of love."

Rose Martin, RSM, Ph. D.
Life-long educator

"This book is wonderful! It captures the individual and collective hope for another kind of life after an earthly death in positive, readily identifiable terms."

Ms. Leslie Kiewra
Elementary school counselor
Forty years in education



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